Science research blog

Freelance project


The proposed application is a blog website built for one of my first clients, the main goal was to have a website where articles about different intresting science related subjects can writen and published.



The goal while building Theke was to make it as friendly as possible to content creators, the solution was the use of the static website generator GatsbyJs, a framework built on top of ReactJs and known for it's blazzing fast preformance and also for being widly used in combination with many content managment systems. To assure stylings are compatible with older versions of browsers, the css compiler Sass was implemented. Further some components in the app acquired shared pieces of related datal, the solution was to implement Graphql aliases which helped in retrieving different data of the same field correspondingly to the arguments provided to it, this helps with performance and reduces the mount of work that needs to be done in in contradiction to retrieving the whole data set and applying filters on client side. As a result of GatsbyJs and Netlify CMS combination the website comes with fast performance, easier scalability, and an easy to use interface for content creation moreover it is more Seo friendly.
  • GatsbyJs
  • ReactJs
  • Graphql
  • Sass
  • NodeJS
  • Netlify CMS


In todays digital age, users expect every website to have a mobile version. So companies and developers must try to produce the same if not better experience for users interacting with their site on a mobile device. This project helped me understand how a professional team translates a desktop site into a mobile device.